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 Transformers, Current Sense, Thru-hole
Datatronics manufactures standard and custom current sense inductors and transformers to cover frequencies from 20Hz to 500KHz. Please contact factory for custom applications.
Current Sense TransformerPT219 Series Current Sense Transformers
Designed to meet large Secondary Saturation Voltage.
Accurate Turns Ratio.
High Dielectric Strength Capacity 2500VRMS.
Fully molded construction with center thru hole
for Primary Load.

Datasheet(PDF format)
272 Series Current Sense Transformers 25kHzPT272 Series Current Sense Transformers
Designed for SMPS applications.
International Safety construction.
High dielectric strength capability 3750VRMS
Frequency range 25kHz

Datasheet(PDF format)
Leaded Toroid Current Sense photoCurrent Sense Leaded Toroid
2 wire current sense toroid
Leaded wires

Enscapsulated toroidal current sense photoCurrent Sense Encapsulated Toroid
Toroid Current Sense Toroid

Molded toroidal Current Sense with metal base photoMolded Toroidal Current Sense with Base
Molded Current Sense Toroid
2 wire using metal mounting base