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At Datatronics we're experts in designing and manufacturing custom magnetic components. Our inductors and transformers are well known in the electronics, aerospace, medical, lighting, industrial controls and power generation industries.

Design Engineer
Datatronics Corporation, the industry leading manufacturer of state of the art space, military, medical, and other high reliability magnetic components, is seeking to recruit additional Design Engineers to join our talented team. Duties will include designing high reliability transformers and inductors to exceed customer requirements, and to collaborate with quality professionals, suppliers, and production personnel to develop and manufacture products at the lowest possible total cost. Experience in custom electronic component design and manufacturing preferable, background of designing and developing magnetic electronic components in accordance with Mil 981 and AS 9100 is highly desirable.

A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical or Electrical engineering, Physics, or similar education background from an accredited University is required in addition to 5 years of applicable experience in a related field.

  Implement electrical test systems to meet product design, specifications, and customer requirements.
 Develop data collection, analysis, and reporting systems.
  Identify and develop opportunities for test automation.
  Provides Sales, Engineering and Management information of special requirements of contracts, i.e. special tests or test equipment needed, monitoring techniques.
  Support requests for quotes by providing sales and engineering what is needed to meet requirements of contracts including: test equipment needed, monitoring techniques, and test fixtures.
  Participate in test fixture design.
  Write procedures for operation of test systems and testing.
  Participate in training of test technicians and operators.
  Validate test systems to ensure measurement capability including accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.
  Increase test efficiencies through equipment and process improvements.

• Competent with Excel, Word, and Power Point
• Understanding of basic electronics including impedance matching, ohm’s law, and waveforms.
• Familiarity with oscilloscopes, amplifiers, and AC & DC power supplies.
• Recommended Skills: Labview Programming, Matlab, VBA Programming, Finite Element Analysis, Solidworks, experience with magnetic components, and Circuit design.

Education & Experience:
BS in Electrical Engineering or equivalent is required. .

Due to ITAR regulations the successful candidate must be a citizen of the United States or have documented evidence of legal residency.

      Datatronics is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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The Datatronics family of companies designs and manufactures custom magnetics as well as standard products including: transformers and inductors for switch mode power supplies, high voltage transformers, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, coils, gate drive transformers, current sense transformers, pulse transformers, wideband RF transformers, telecommunication transformers, isolation transformers, three-phase step/control transformers, data bus transformers, LAN filters, solenoid coils and more.
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