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Datatronic Distribution, Inc. designs and manufactures the broadest line of wirewound magnetic devices for customers worldwide. Products include Switch Mode Power Supply transformers and inductors, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, gate drive transformers, current sense transformers, pulse transformers, wideband RF transformers, telecommunications transformers and LAN filters.

All products are 100% tested for critical parameters.

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Dot Graphic Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformers
Ideal for Heavy-Duty Industrial Controls Including Motor Speed
Featuring superior reliability, advanced performance and rugged construction, Innovative Power, Inc., announces its new Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Series Transformers for industrial applications, including motor speed control.

Step up/down control transformers reduce electrical voltage, with their primary voltage being greater than their secondary voltage. The transformer “steps down” the voltage that is applied to it. Using step up/down transformers to supply control power increases safety and efficiency when a lower control circuit voltage is used in high voltage applications. 
Single Phase 50/60 HZ Step/Control Transformers

Dot Graphic Electric Power Generation Applications Sheet
Magnetic components are required in a wide range of power generation and power conversion equipment. Let us help you find the right component off-the-shelf or provide a custom design solution. The best place to start is with our new Electric Power Generation Applications Sheet. Watch for the next industry applications sheet in our new series.

Power Industry Apps Sheet

Power Generation Market Applications Sheet

Space rated large custome transformer
Inductor, Inductors, Custom Inductor photo

Dot Graphic Design engineers looking for a faster, smarter way to specify and select high-reliability transformers and inductors for electronic equipment applications will find the new Magnetics Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., saves time and eliminates headaches. All part number series on the web version are directly linked to the datasheet for the part.

The new Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog provides specification information on dozens of transformers and inductors. For the designers of commercial, industrial and mission-critical electronics, the new guide includes descriptions of standard magnetic components available off-the-shelf as well as information that will assist them in designing special or custom devices. To receive you personal printed copy, please send us your contact information here.

Dot Graphic Featuring a “flat wire” design that is coiled and mounted directly to the circuit board to allow efficient heat dissipation, the new DR79892 and DR79893 Flat Wire Inductors from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., are designed for performance in power supplies, industrial controls and instrumentation applications.

Flat wire inductors are ideal for power supply applications where high temperatures often affect performance. Their compact flat wire design provides for better thermal management, which results in superior performance and reliability. The unique design of the Model DR79892 and DR79893 allows heat to dissipate quickly, which provides sufficient cooling to maintain performance.
DR79892 and DR79893 photo

Magnetic Components Alternate Source Strategies
Alternate Source
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Magnetics Design:Specifications, Performance and Economics logo
Magnetics Design:
Specifications, Performance and Economics

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Distributed Capacitance
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Ridley SMPS design workshops

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